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We offer home style Lebanese/Middle Eastern cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. We strive to provide top quality food and service to our customers whether they dine-in, take-out, orhave it delivered. We now offer online ordering for lunch and dinner.

"Best Lebanese Ever!”
Camilia Salah
Restaurant Owner

My fondest memories are those I had growing up in Lebanon. Every morning I would look out of my window and see my Mom picking fresh vegetables and beans from our land, excited about what she would be serving for dinner that evening. Each of her nine children were fed three healthy meals a day, prepared with only the healthiest and freshest ingredients, and a heart full of love.

Now that I cook for my own family, I realize the importance with starting with fresh quality food, and appreciate my Mom's true labor of love in the kitchen. She tirelessly preserved meats, fruits, and vegetables, along with labne, olives, pickles and turnips to ensure that each meal would be a feast.

I was reminiscing about Mom and my homeland, so I decided to tap into the gifts she gave me and was inspired to open what is now Cedar Grille. We selected our chef, who cooked for the president of Lebanon, and he recreated the same dishes with a passion and flavor that took me back to my Mother's recipes and the country I love.

Now I am able to share these same meals with you and your families. and welcome new memories to be made with you.
My extended family, to continue the tradition of sharing fresh
quality food with wonderful people.

Camilia Salah
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